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Greater Hobart Committee

Greater Hobart Act

The purpose of the Greater Hobart Act 2019 is to create a more liveable, accessible and productive Greater Hobart area. Through this framework, the Greater Hobart Councils – Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart and Kingborough – and the Tasmanian Government will work collaboratively to identify principles, priority areas and implement actions that will deliver strategic, efficient and integrated land use planning, and infrastructure outcomes.


  • To encourage and promote the consideration of potential benefits and implications when making strategic planning decisions, and decisions about land use in the Greater Hobart area.
  • To facilitate the efficient flow of transport in the Greater Hobart area.
  • To further the maintenance and accessibility of existing, and the development of new, cultural, sporting, recreational and community facilities, that complement and contribute to the cultural experiences able to be provided in the Greater Hobart area.
  • To encourage, promote and provide for:
    • urban renewal, and affordable housing, that enhance amenity, liveability, ease of access to places and facilities and the provision of passenger transport
    • the development of hubs for specialised purposes such as science, sport, recreation, social activity, economic activity, technology, industry, education or the art
    • the efficient and effective integration and co-location of facilities, housing and hubs in the Greater Hobart area
    • the transport and service infrastructure that is necessary or desirable in relation to facilities, housing and hubs in the Greater Hobart area
    • Any other objectives as prescribe